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Pre Engineered Building (PEB)

Pre-Engineered Building (PEB)

In PEB Industry, Buildings manufactured in a way that its structural members are factory manufactured/Engineered are known as Pre Engineered Buildings or PEB. Pre engineered buildings are becoming an emerging trend nowadays in realization of an efficient and cost effective infrastructure. PEB is supplied as a fully finished product by PEB company along with steel structure, metal building accessories and roofing/cladding.

Pre engineered building offers various advantages which makes it an efficient and timely solution to suit unique engineering & design needs of modern building ecosystems.
  • Lightweight but robust.
  • Reduced construction time from designing to erection phase.
  • Effective utilization of space with higher spans.
  • Offer high flexibility for expansion & relocation.
  • Offer higher salvage value as compared with conventional structures.

Over the past several years, industrial shed manufacturer in India, Hindustan Alcox Limited, has offered pre engineered buildings with diverse specification to meet unique project requirements. Major components of Pre engineered buildings are:
  • Primary frames or Main frames
  • Secondary frames
  • Roof and wall panels
  • Structural subsystems (including canopies, fascias, partitions, etc)
  • Floor systems (including mezzanines, catwalks, platforms, etc)
  • Other building accessories (like sliding doors, roll up doors, windows etc)

With extensive knowledge and expertise in offering tailor-made solution, Hindustan Alcox Limited, a premier in steel building manufacturers in PEB Industry specializes in manufacturing industrial sheds. We are leading Pre Engineered Building Manufacturer in diverse steel building industries including Steel Building manufacturer as well as erection of factory sheds, warehouses, aircraft hangers, shopping malls and office complexes.

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steel bridges manufacturer
Best PEB company in India

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