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Membrane Structures

Membrane Structures - ETFE and PTFE

Membrane Structures

The Spatial tensioned structures made out by Membranes, supported by cables, columns and constructive steel members. As a leading ETFE and PTFE manufacturers, Hindiustan Alcox Limited cater one of the efficient ways in creating a emerging trend shade and roofing membrane structure with full versatility by building membrane structures in creative ways.

Membrane Structure Types

From membrane structures manufacturers and application point of view, Its types are classified into two Broad categories:

  • Pneumatic Structures

  • Tensile Structures

Pneumatic Structures

These are air-supported Structures whose Structural Integrity depends upon use of internal pressurized air to aerate the pliable material envelope. In these types oftension fabric structures, the main structural support is from air. Our well experienced engineers come with the highest fabric standards and precision construction work to serve you a long lasting creature.

Tensile Membrane Structures

These are thin shell economic structures and attractively covers large distances carrying only tension, but no compression. The Material used for roofing membrane structures are generally (single–layered or double-layered) PTFE-coated fiber glass and PVC coated Polyester. Supportive Structural cables used in Tensile structures are a series of strands twisted or bound together, leading to a larger cable.


  • Design and Engineering
  • Fabric/Membrane Fabrication
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Structural Installation

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